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After the success of SamKnows' broadband speed testing in the UK, since 2008, we want to keep the momentum going.

So we are working with Ofcom, the UK's communications regulator, to regularly report on the actual performance of broadband connections with reliable and accurate data.

Anyone who would like to be part of this project just needs to sign up. It might be worth reading the requirements before doing so just to make sure you're eligible to join!

On signing up, volunteers will receive a purpose-built broadband measurement unit, also known as a SamKnows Whitebox. The Whitebox is easy to install; once it has been plugged into the existing modem / router then it is good to go. Volunteers will also be able to see their own data from their broadband connection using a purpose-built SamKnows dashboard.

Please note, not everyone who registers will necessarily receive a SamKnows Whitebox. We do want to thank everyone for signing up and for working together to make UK broadband better!